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We Help You Focus More Easily...
Even If You Have The Worst Case of ADHD
How It Works
Yes, it's that stupidly simple, 
which is exactly why it works so great.
Research Has Proven That Even A Short 
Break From Technology Has Significant Benefits, Such As...
Improved Focus

Work Better When Tech Doesn't Interrupt You.

Enhanced Clarity

Your Mind Calibrates With Silence And Reflection.

Better Sleep

End Information Overload, Blue Light Stimulation, And Let The Mind Unwind.

Improved Relationships

Spend QUALITY time with your loved ones.

Inner Peace

Experience a sense of serenity and calmness.

See What Other's Say About Zenlock...

"I Zenlock from 10pm-9am most days and my productivity has drastically improved.  I finally have a solid morning routine with my to-do list written out daily.  I've also finished four books since I started using Zenlock six weeks ago." - Dante, Entrepreneur

"As an artist, creating space and tapping into my creativity has become harder and harder to do over the past few years.  That precious time I was going to spend writing or rehearsing magically disappeared into the "digital rabbit hole".  With Zenlock I can cut out the noise and focus on creation." - Nina, Musician

"My phone is practically attached to me.  I love it, but it was affecting my sleep and overall productivity.  I Zenlock my phone, tablet, and laptop.  Since doing so, I sleep longer and deeper, and I actually do feel more 'zen'.  It's like everything in my head slows down, and then life becomes clear again." - Steve, Fitness Expert

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